Stop Hair Loss With Vinegar

People have used apple cider vinegar for many years as food and medication. Hippocrates used vinegar with honey as a healing elixir and energizing tonic. In modern time experts tout vinegar benefits for many conditions from allergies and acne to sinus infections, acid reflux, weight loss, premature aging, high cholesterol and chronic fatigue. Apple cider vinegar abbreviated as ACV does it all.

There are some theories on what causes hair loss. Many consider that it may be provoked by a bad metabolism. Others think it’s the result of an unhealthy scalp and several conditions like psoriasis, seborrhea and dandruff. Some suppose that hormones are responsible for hair loss.

If you think your hair loss may be caused by bad metabolic process, you should know there have been some cases when several teaspoons of ACV taken every day during several months blocked hair loss. The hair looked healthier and thicker.

A way to take ACV straight is firstly to begin the day with a full glass of water where you are to add 4 tsp of ACV, honey and black strap molasses.

The reason for hair loss may be unhealthy scalp. Modern diets as well as chemically derived components in shampoos contribute to the problem. The scalp may harbor fungus, yeast and bacteria. All of them play their role in hair loss as well as in scalp irritation. If you consider that this may appear your case, apple cider vinegar will help you in several ways. First of all, vinegar possesses a tonic activity and stimulates the circulation of blood in the capillaries. So that to achieve the benefit, you are to rinse the hair with a sage tea mixed with ACV.

In case you want to try vinegar rinse, you can find the necessary directions below:

Mix four ounces of apple cider vinegar with water (4 ounces). To the mix you need to add sage essential oil (10 drops). Pour the mixture on the hair, making sure it contacts the scalp. After finishing, wrap the hair in a towel and wait. The solution should be kept on the hair for half an hour at least. Rinse the hair, and then shampoo in a usual way. The remedy can be done every day. Actually it should be performed every week at least. Remember vinegar is acidic, so it may dry the hair out; if this happens, you should use a conditioner to mitigate the dryness. You also ought to avoid applying the rinse in case the hair is chemically treated or colored or chemically treated.

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