5 Natural Treatments for Hair Loss

Do you notice more and more hair on the pillowcase when you wake up in the morning? Is most of your hair shampooed down the drain? This signals the beginning of hair loss. And surely most men dread the problem of hair loss. If caught in the primary stages the chances for success using a number of natural treatments are great.

Below you can find a list of 5 natural treatments which have shown to be an effective method to stop hair loss in many men. The natural remedies moreover are known to lower the rate hair falling out.

1. Washing hair try to use filtered water. The levels of chlorine in local water to our houses are really high. This may provoke damage to the scalp and thus evolve hair falling out.

2. Hair fall is often caused by dry scalp. This can be caused by the lack of certain substances: iron, water, proteins. A really nice natural remedy for dry scalp condition is massaging olive oil into the scalp and hair. After this process you are to wash hair gently and rinse it with a non-abrasive shampoo. It is recommended to do the treatment regularly, preferably once a week.

3. Ginkgo supplements have been proven to be helpful in restoring the blood flow and circulation, which may as well be a common cause of losing hair. Folic acid pills not only increase the water intake but are also known as effective treatments for hair loss.

4. The main component in a number of oils for hair loss is rosemary essential oil. You need to try a very nice hair rinse made of rosemary vinegar. It can slow hair loss and even bring it to a standstill. The oil is also helpful in treating psoriasis as well as dandruff.

First of all, in order to prepare rosemary vinegar you need apple cider vinegar and fresh rosemary.

  • Apple cider vinegar (1 cup)
  • fresh rosemary chopped (4tbsp)

Heat vinegar to the moment before it begins to boil, pour it over the rosemary.
It should steep for 24 hours. And with a very little amount you can make a whole bottle of good hair rinse.

  • rosemary vinegar (2tbsp)
  • water (1 cup)
  • rosemary essential oil (20 drops)
  • vegetable glycerin (1tbsp)

After shampooing apply to the hair, then rinse well. Rosemary essential oil is available at the health food stores, they can be generally found on the supplement and vitamin aisles. Keep the rosemary vinegar and you will be able to make this rinse when it is necessary. As a matter of fact the longer you store the vinegar the stronger it gets.

5. In the end, another treatment which has been applied for years as natural hair tonic are eggs. Both the yolk and the white can be used. Generally the yolk is more effective thanks to the protein contained in it. You should massage the yolk into the scalp, shampoo and then rinse. As a result your hair will look silky and fuller.

Most of the natural hair loss treatments have been tested and it has been proven that they are really effective. So, it’s up to you: you can go on balding or you can start your hair re-growth by the help of natural hair treatments.

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