The Sound Reasons For Becoming a Vegetarian

There is a number of reasons why people decide to become vegetarians. Some of them do this according to religious beliefs, like those of Jains and Buddhists. Others do this to decrease carbon footprint and some champion for vegetarianism in the protest of factory farming. There are also people who do not accept the idea of placing dead animal into the body. These are sound reasons promoting vegetarianism, and they have the underlying ideology that you might care for or may be indifferent to. Still there is the reason which is really good for everybody.

The best of the cases to become a vegetarian are the benefits for your health. Vegetarian foods have proven to be much healthier and also more viable compared to the non-vegetarian ones. Vegetarians are less likely to suffer from high cholesterol levels, high BMI, hypertension. They are at a lower risk of diabetes type 2, dementia, bone loss, renal failure. All the benefits of being a vegetarian are caused by the meat omission, in particular non-lean red meat that is rich in saturated fats and put risks of developing animal-human illness transmissions and different food-borne pathogens caused by poor preparation.

There are also legitimate concerns attributed to nutrition, in particular when it goes to vitamin B12, protein and omega 3 fatty acids. Protein is bountiful in meats, but you can meet the needed amounts of protein in various vegetarian products like soy food, tofu, eggs, wheat gluten, whole grains and dairy. Omega 3 fatty acids are mostly present in fish, but it can be also found in hempseed, purslane and flaxseed. The most tricky thing is getting the necessary B12, but for vegans, as B12 is present in dairy and eggs. To meet the nutritional requirements, vegans should resort to various fortified supplements as well as foods. All the required nutrients are available for vegetarians.

Vegetarian lifestyle


  • healthier
  • cheaper
  • easy to cook
  • no meat that will rot in the colon


  • efforts required to satisfy all the nutritional needs
  • avoiding meat
  • social obstacles from the side of meat-eaters

To avoid eating meat is not that easy. Even when one is ready to adopt vegetarianism, they may still be thinking how they can and should start the new lifestyle. Luckily, there is a great number of various resources on this subject to help, including the internet and different magazines and books providing useful tips on how to plan the diet properly.

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