Types of Vegetarianism

There are people who eat eggs though claim that they are vegetarians. The thing is that some people love vegetarian cuisine however they are not able to reject non-vegetarian foods. Actually there’s a particular name for the types of vegetarians.

  • Vegans are strict vegetarians. They don’t eat meat at all, dairy products, eggs and moreover they do not even eat processed foods which contain any components that are animal-derived like gelatin. There is a subtype of vegans, they call themselves raw vegans and eat only unprocessed vegan food.
  • Fruitarians have in fact carried vegetarianism to the extreme when people eat just fresh fruits.
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism does not allow to consume beef, pork, fish, poultry, or any kind of animal flesh, but they eat dairy products and eggs.
  • Lacto vegetarians restrict from eating animal flesh or meat or even poultry and eggs but they can consume milk and dairy products.
  • Ovo vegetarians avoid eating meat as well as other animal flesh, they do not drink milk, but can consume eggs.
  • Pescatarian avoid eating any meat types except for fish. Normally this diet results from the demand for certain nutritional requirements that fish can fulfill.
  • Flexitarians generally follow a vegetarian diet but sometimes can consume meat.
  • Pollo-vegetarians eat poultry, including turkey, duck and chicken but restrict from any type of meat or animal flesh and the traditional vegetarian components.

Vegetarianism is often adopted by many people, but everybody does it in a particular way. Several important conditions that decide the forms of vegetarianism are the following:

Health benefits

Dietitians are advocating the benefits of being a vegetarian. Due to the high awareness about some health concerns related to non-vegetarian diets and the beneficial effects of vegetarian diets, more and more people are switching to vegetarian diets for some health reasons. As a matter of fact vegetarianism lowers the levels of cholesterol, reduces risk factors to develop cancer and heart disorders. It expands life expectancy, so it looks like a healthier and better lifestyle for many individuals.

Animals’ rights

Many people believe it is terrible to kill animals for food when many vegetarian foods are available in large amounts. Thereby people that believe in the rights of animals become vegetarians because of the concerns about poor animals. There are some organizations that champion for animal rights and promote vegetarian diet benefits, they also educate people about those practices performed in different slaughterhouses where poor animals are cruelly killed in large amounts.


There are people who are vegetarians due to particular religious beliefs. Some religions do not actually allow the followers to eat non-vegetarian foods and promote the consumption of only vegetarian food. In fact, jainism advocates for vegetarianism and encourages to consume only vegetarian foods. According to Jainism beliefs it is forbidden to kill animals and surely to use them as food.

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