Healthy Eating with Homemade Tuna Salad

Salads are light and good to eat. Along with this, salads are healthy as they do not involve cooking; all components offer natural benefits. And tuna is a powerhouse of different nutrients. Tuna is high in minerals, B vitamins and protein. In addition, tuna contains Omega 3 fatty acids; which are very beneficial for your heart and helps to control cholesterol levels.

Many benefits are attributed to tuna; regular consumption prevents Alzheimer’s disease, heart attacks, treat dry eyes, decrease the risk of developing muscular degeneration, improve colon and kidney health, remove toxins from the body, control BP and prevent asthma. When some product gives a lot of benefits; people often think that it would taste bad. But, people all over the world enjoy tuna. Its taste is often relished together with all the good attributes. Canned tuna is available in the US, but fresh tuna is actually more flavoursome.

Tuna salad is in fact a versatile dish. It can be combined with a great number of products to cook a healthy salad. It is due to the fact that tuna possesses such a mild flavour that it can go well with other ingredients. The salad may be a side dish or you may serve it as a sandwich filling. Dieters like tuna salad as it is low in calories and at the same time very nutritious.

We will give you an easy recipe for tuna salad which uses a combination of components different from those in the traditional bland salad. Try it out.

To make this salad you need
* 1 can of canned tuna
* 6 tbsp of mayonnaise or any other salad dressing
* 3 tbsp of sweet pickle relish
* 1/8 tsp of dried onion flakes crushed
* 1 tbsp of parmesan cheese
* 1 tbsp of dried parsley
* 1 tsp of curry powder
* 1 tsp of dried dill weed
* garlic powder

Put the salad components in a bowl and stir thoroughly until they are mixed well. Then add some seasoning and stir again.

So, tuna salad is ready now. Place it in a serving bowl and offer with crackers or you might as well use it as a filling for sandwiches.

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