Top 5 Foods for Raw Vegetables and Fruit Dieting

A raw vegetable and fruit diet can actually open lots of great nutritious foods and food combinations.

As a matter of fact you will have an immediate and beneficial detoxification. Your skin, complexion, hair as well as general health will enhance. The weight will reduce together with cholesterol levels. Most vegetables and fruits will definitely provide you with great benefits. The top 5 foods that are very easy to eat at any time are given below.

5 Tomatoes
There’s nothing easier than a handful of small tomatoes. They are really nutritious and convenient. Tomatoes are ideal for diets because they are made of water up to 90 per cent and are greatly hydrating which enhances the digestion. If this is not enough, tomatoes contain essential antioxidants, beta-carotine and vitamins E and C.

4 Cherries
Together with perfect detoxifying powers to clear the digestive system, cherries are really low in calories and are for sure healthy fruit. They include ellagic acid, which is a supernutrient fighting cancer cells and antioxidants fending off infections.

3 Apples
All in all there are a lot of varieties to choose from. It is enjoyable to try them out. Apples are a rich source of pectin which is known to encourage better digestion – necessary to boost energy levels rather than diverting them into digestive duties. Apples are rich in minerals and vitamins thus they clear up all skin blemishes.

2 Celery
Celery takes the second place on the given list due to the fact that it’s low in calories and very effective in cleansing your body. It possesses a pleasant salty taste and you can add it to different dishes or eat with other vegetables and fruit rather than adding salt. Celery is well to be used with a number of other things but in particular watercress.

1 Watercress
And here it goes – the best food for eating raw anytime and anywhere. It has powerful benefits for health as it is an effective antioxidant cleansing the kidneys and bladder, purifying the blood and boosting the levels of energy. And a rich iodine content helps the metabolic process and thyroid function.

It is delicious and may be combined with tomatoes and celery in different salads or you can eat it by itself.

Now you have top 5 raw vegetables and fruits and can enjoy their taste as well as the benefits for health.

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