Skin Cancer – Are You At High Risk For Skin Cancer?

Each year the disease affects 2,118,000 people worldwiide, white skin cancer (basal cell cancer cell or sting). To the particularly dangerous black skin (malignant melanoma) diagnosed each year, About 277,000 die each year on malignant melanoma.

In recent years, the number of new cases increased sharply. According to experts believe there are currently some 875,000 annually because of a skin cancer patients in disease treatment (primary disease, relapse, multiple tumors).

These alarming figures, as a result of the widespread desire for suntan at any cost.

Information on the types of skin cancer:

  • White skin cancer (basal cell and prickle cell carcinoma)
  • Black skin (malignant melanoma)
  • Skin cancer risk and prevention

One of the most important risk factors for the development of skin cancer is excessive exposure to sunlight. This can be both acute and chronic skin damage. UV rays can change the genetic material in the skin cell damage. This also applies to UV radiation in solariums. The skin comes with the repair this damage can not, can the altered cells degenerate and eventually lead to cancer cells. The right sunscreen is very important in order to avoid skin cancer.

The screening is one of the most important weapons against skin cancer. When this cancer is the ability to detect it early, very well. Because of changes on the skin can already see with the naked eye. Since 1 July 2008 is the early detection of skin cancer-paid health insurance: Legally insured aged 35 years, every two years is entitled to a quality-assured examination of the entire body surface. A practice must charge for these cancer-screening investigation is not paid.


The most effective measure is surgery. Here, the tumor tissue with a safety margin in the healthy tissue were removed. The extent to which radiotherapy is required, depends on the nature of the disease and if isolated from each.


  1. Thanks for pointing out how one of the biggest risk factors in developing skin cancer is excessive exposure to the sun. My wife works as a football coach, and she is frequently spending most of her time at work out in the field and under the heat of the sun. I do not want her to develop anything serious, so I will be sure to advise her to minimize the exposure to the sun and get skin cancer tests as soon as possible.

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