Mental Disorders due to Drug Abuse

Co-occurring problems substance abuse and mental disorders in people are actually more common than you might think.

More severe cases need treatment to live normally, self diagnose and self medication in minor and moderate cases. A lot of people found out mental health problems after they entered drug or alcohol treatment for the dependence and addiction. Caring is by all means better than suggesting a mask.

Mental diseases, including anxiety, depression, stress, and phobias are normal nowadays. Suffering a loss we realized and console our beloved. If friends experience abnormal stress amount, we should listen them venting. We giggle together against phobias out of shock and embarrassment at the oddity felt.

Very often we offer to have a drink to our friends when they are depressed, scared or sad. This may be argued to be a caring thing to do and that it is harmless. The thing is that we want to help them. This is true if temporarily. Drinking alcohol constantly to change negative emotions looks like an escape from coping with troubles.

Take negative emotions for an instance. Sometimes people need to get out of some mind state to think everything over carefully. If it’s the case, generally doctors prescribe drugs which calm the mind for a little. The medicines are not intended to mask the pain. They give sufferers time to process their emotional state for it not to become a burden.

Taking substances to hide emotions is putting out a campfire into the face rather than burn it out, as they say in drug abuse supportive groups. Just more pain is created and different troubles every time you use the substances. You should allow the feelings to be processed, despite the pain, and the emotions will subside, get bearable, and then you can use them as life lessons.

When beloved people are angry, sad and scared, or dealing with certain emotions, we should do our best to assist them in processing the emotions rather than stimulating substances use to hide them. Feelings should be felt. Feelings usually minimize when you process them. So if you are sad, cry; if angry, speak, and if you’re scared, find out whether your fear is imagined or real.

Only a small number of people are using alcohol and drugs to the addiction point in such cases. Most drug addicts are getting there step by step. Most people live a normal life, then they can lose everything in a moment.

The loss of friend may send people in depression. If they have predisposition to addiction, they can use the substances to hide their pain. The solution is justified by the necessity to fix negative emotions, resulting in an addiction. And the emotions are never resolved.

If these people are fortunate, then they can find a way to the treatment. The collateral mental and substance abuse diseases ought to be cured as primary disorders same time in order to prevent the relapse.

Actually we are not calling for people suffering from minor mental lapses just to drop it and check the local drug/alcohol or mental health treatment centers. We are calling to care for one another and be ready to help our beloved people to process emotions.

Do not let them hide the pain with drugs and alcohol. In case professional help is required, you should suggest it. Though, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold is ever more caring thing than a cocktail.

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