Pharming/Pharmaceutical Drug Abuse

A drug culture is rising among teenagers that might influence younger siblings. It is named farming (pharmaceutical). Teens are gathering in small and big companies for pharm parties. It is becoming popular among teenagers and you should be aware to keep your children safe avoiding drug abuse.

Thinking about the difficulty adults have in admitting that it can happen in their family is harmful as it creates the situation for a teen to consider one time will not harm. Any child lacking some prescription drug facts think it is really harmless. Prevention will protect you from the later necessity to seek treatment. Protect your kid with knowledge, this will remove detox, rehab.

Swap parties

Teens commonly gather in any available place, this is usual. When you go out with friends, there’s a possibility that the children might be pharming. There are many latch key teens who frequently have parentless houses when the later are at work. They get together to experiment prescription drugs. Where can they get them? The drugs hunt is a part of fun a kind of sport. Forgotten and discarded prescription medications can be found at home, at friends’ flats and in a number of other places. Prescription drugs that were left in cabinets, old purses, bathrooms, carry on luggage, suit cases, and so on and so forth. Kids will know this better as this hunt is a game for them!

What Drugs

OxyContin is very popular. Children compare it to heroin. They crush the drug and then snort it, inject it or blend with marijuana. Ritalin is often used and is generally compared to speed for those who do not need the drug for any medical purpose. It is also called skippy and is usually taken orally. Teens score more medications as drugs swapping done at pharm parties makes a kind of debt among them and those who supply them with medicines. A cult is created like drug addicts band takes hold.


The demand to find drugs is great and much bigger than you can imagine, teens get creative.

• Keep prescription medications under lock.
• Mark on the bottle the left portion after every dosage.
• Talk on the topic whenever the right teaching moment comes itself.
• Just the matter of fact, try not be very harsh.
• Stress the negative side effects.
• Say you know about pharming.
• Explain the possible damage from taking the pills.
• Your children should know they are really valuable to you and that they will have a great future.

If your child shows interest in prescription medications think about it: this may be a warning signal. This might indicate that for instance a friend has chatted with your kid about trying some drugs. This kid could be abusing the medications. Provide your child with the facts casually, without lecturing or setting alarm because children generally tune out lectures. Awareness of the prescription drug abuse as well as pharming  enables you and your children to stay away from drugs.

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