Six Steps to Stop Smoking

Do you smoke and you are trying to give up? The best decision is to get to know how to give up smoking. Why? If you stop now, you will add 7 years to the life span and you will be healthy and will enjoy your life.

1. Be clear you want to stop smoking

Did you have periods in your life when you were sure of something and you succeeded? This is true in all spheres of life. If you are sure you can cope with the impediment or get the promotion, the entire universe will be paving a way for you to succeed. The 1st most crucial thing is to be sure that stop smoking is what you want. You desire should be 100%, no sure attitudes or half-hearted attempts.

2. Go in for physically activities

The reason you are still smoking maybe that it helps you relax when you feel stressed up. Another thing is that smoking might help you clear the head. You see why to quit smoking is unacceptable to many people. The next step is sports and exercises which perform the 2 essential functions. When you perform such activities, the heart is pumping the blood to the entire body and that makes you breath heavily. When you are physically more active, your endurance will go up. After a while, you might progress in the attempt to give up smoking cigarettes.

3. Disassociate yourself from smoking places

In case you have troubles from lighting a cigarette in a bar, it is better for you not to visit such places. The mind associates bars to smoking. Actually the stronger the association, the softer you effort to quit smoking will be. So, you are to stay away from such places for a certain period.

4. You are to replace cigarettes with healthy foods

Smokers made it a habit to take a cigarette and put it in the mouth when they relax or idle. To break the bad habit, you should replace the thing you used to place in the mouth with some other. You can put some nuts or fruits next time you wish to place something in the mouth. Apart from this, you need to consume much water every day. This works as a natural replacement for nicotine. And in some time, you will give up smoking.

5. Attain support from the friends and family

Declare your plan to stop smoking to your family and friends. They will support you openly. You know you’re accountable to these people. With such social pressure, you will take all the efforts to stop smoking.

6. Resist smoking urges with meditation and yoga

You are to boost mental strength so that you can resist the temptation. Every puff you manage to resist will be your win. It is tough to resist temptations without mental fitness training. It is recommended to study some meditation and yoga to give up smoking. Meditation is mind cultivation by vigorous exercise for the mind. Yoga as well as meditation improves the concentration power to quit smoking. Visualization is another nicotine replacement treatment to free your mind from cigarettes.

These 6 stop smoking tips are essential for you to give up smoking. You should try them for ninety days and the results will be amazing.

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