Smoking Is the Main Cause of Lung Cancer

Everybody knows smoking causes lung cancer. But it increases the risks of not only lung cancer but also pancreatic cancer, esophageal cancer, kidney cancer, oral cavity cancer, laryngeal cancer. These cancer types are rising among women because of high smoking levels.

Heavy tobacco use causes various cancer forms and raises the risks of developing cardiovascular disorders.

In central and eastern Europe about 400 000 premature deaths are the result of tobacco smoking every year. The lung cancer levels among young people are highest ever. Cigarette smoking is going up in eastern and central Europe, in China. In these parts of the world deaths related to tobacco smoking are rising fast. Actually lung cancer is the common tobacco-associated tumor and is the cause of cancer death in males in nearly all developed countries. As lung cancer is fatal in most cases, death rates are really high, so are the social costs.

Smoking among women in fact has risen drastically as well. More women start smoking every day worldwide. For a long time it was considered that the lung cancer rates were low and that smoking was not producing same effect on women as it had on males. Now this fact has been proven to be incorrect. There isn’t even single evidence, proving that the risks to develop lung cancer due to tobacco smoking are higher in males than in females. All in all it requires a lot of time pass between the exposure to tobacco and its effect. Now lung cancer exceeds breast cancer and is the leading cause of death among women in the USA, Scotland, Canada as well as other countries.

Cigarettes kill half of those adopted this bad habit and half of death cases occur in one’s middle age, besides each smoker loses almost 20 years of their life. Certainly lung cancer is the leading death cause; however cigarette smoking provokes death in twenty four different ways. Smoking in men is declining and it is rising immensely in women.

The rates of lung cancer are getting higher among women and lower in men. Tobacco is actually a drug. There is not a safe cigarette. It is of high importance to convince young adults not to start smoking and those who already smoke are to be urged to quit. And maybe one day we will say: smoking caused lung cancer instead of smoking causes lung cancer.

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