Risks and Effects of Passive Smoking

Inhaling smoke made by somebody else is passive smoking. It is called second hand smoking or involuntary smoking.

So in passive smoking people just have to breathe the smoke from burning cigarette / pipe/ cigar and the smoke inhaled and exhaled by active smokers.

Nowadays second hand smoke is the main indoor pollution source.

Every second hand smoker is exposed to tobacco smoke from the environment. It provokes immense harm to fetus, infants as well as small kids damaging the developing organs, in particular brain and lungs.

Pregnant women-smokers should quit immediately. Smoking is much more harmful for the developing fetus than for the woman. Such birth defects as cleft palate and lip together with low weight at birth are common complications in cases when the mother smokes. If the woman goes on smoking after the child’s birth, milk production is decreased greatly.

Kids and passive smoking are in fact a fatal combination. Infants are maximum affected by second hand smoke, particularly if this occurs at home.

All organs are developing. Thus inhaling second hand smoke impedes proper development of the brain and lungs. Children that are always exposed to second hand smoke can develop asthma that may worsen because of further exposure.

Chronic respiratory disorders, cystic fibrosis, sinusitis worsen if a suffering kid experiences passive smoking. Other illnesses caused by second hand smoking and hard for children to deal with are pneumonia and bronchitis.

A lot of children that inhale second hand smoke are at high risk of developing infections in the middle ear. The smoke affects the eustachian tube connecting the nose back to the middle ear and irritates it. The irritation evolves swelling and obstruction causing the imbalance of pressure equalization. It provokes fluid retention and then infection in the middle ear. This is really painful for children. In case the disorder is diagnosed and treated properly and in time, it is fully treatable. In case the therapy is delayed, this can result in permanent hearing reduction.
If you smoke, there are a lot of methods to in protect the people around you from second hand smoking.

Quit smoking. It will be the best option as this will bring benefit not only to you, but also to everybody who are around you. If it is hard for you, then you should consult the physician and ask for professional help.

If you don’t plan to stop smoking, at least do not smoke at home. When you want to smoke, just go outside where no one will be affected by second hand smoke.

And avoid smoking in the car.

It is banned to smoke in public places nearly everywhere. If it’s allowed, anyway do not smoke in places with high concentration of people. Though unintentionally, you may be causing harm to somebody.

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