Teenagers Smoking

Teenagers are greatly affected by cigarettes in recent time. Teenager smoking is an alarm for the whole nation. Awareness is needed to protect the problem from occurrence.

It is highly important to inform teenagers about negative sides of smoking. Smoking tobacco products harmfully affects the blood system and heart. About 2 and a half million people each year die in the USA; and the number would be below 2 million if no one smoked. Smoking provokes a lot of diseases and the most common one of which is heart disorder. Heart diseases in their turn can cause a heart attack.

Actually there are 6 main risk factors resulting in heart disorders:

• Diabetes – inability to produce insulin
• High cholesterol levels – cholesterol excess the blood carries
• Physical inactivity
• Hypertension
• Overweight
• Smoking – burning tobacco products and inhaling the smoke

Heart disease takes the first place among the death causes in the US every year, it is followed by cancer; then go strokes and respiratory disorders. All of them are affected by smoking.

Smoking provokes heart disorders attacking the blood system and the heart. When nicotine appears in the body it raises the blood pressure, pulse and heart rate right away. Smoking for a long time thickens the blood which makes it clot easily.

Carbon monoxide present in the smoke also comes into the body. This chemical blocks red blood cells capability of carrying oxygen. This increases the rate of the heart so that more amounts of blood with low levels of oxygen can enter the organs. Another effect of the harmful chemical is that it builds up the conditions favorable for cholesterol to be trapped in the arteries and thus cholesterol deposits and restricts the flow of the blood. This affects the heart and restricts brain circulation (causing a stroke), the fingers and toes. One of withdrawal symptoms is tingling feet and hands resulted from the high circulation to these parts of the body.

Woman, who smoke and use oral contraceptives, are at a high risk of developing heart disorder ten times more than a non smoker. In particular it concerns those who are above 35 years old. Some doctors do not prescribe contraceptives to older women who smoke. There are 2 hormones preventing pregnancy contained in contraceptives which clash with the substances absorbed with smoke to provoke such an effect.

Smoking raises risks of developing a heart disorder by 2/3 times and by ten times for women taking oral contraceptive pills. Actually smoking doubles the risk factors of getting a stroke and can takes 14 years off your life on average.

So, is it worth smoking? This information will be helpful and effective for teenagers to avoid the bad habit of smoking.

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