Secrets on How to Reverse the Damage from Alcohol

What causes drinking problem?

There is a manifold of reasons. This can be troubles with your family or friend, money problems, employment issues as well as troubles with law may result in alcohol abuse.

Problems that might take place range from developing the bad habit of consuming alcohol in particular situations (at weekends, after work, during lunch breaks). The longer the habit has existed the tougher it will be to deal with such situations without drinking anything.

How to diagnose the problem of drinking?

The GP is a nice place to start. They will ask you the following questions:

  • Have you ever thought that you need to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume?
  • Have you got angry with anyone asking questions about this drinking habit?
  • After drinking have you ever had a feeling of guilt?
  • Have you tried to drink alcohol beverages in the morning to alleviate hangover symptoms?

Your GP might ask about physical signs you can have:

shakes, agitation, sweating, feeling bad when trying to lower the quantity you drink, strong tolerance to alcohol, blackouts, constant alcohol abuse in spite of the concerns that it might cause severe problems to your health.

Treating the problem

It is often recommended to keep a kind of drinking diary. It will provide a picture of the quantity you drink and will help to identify the situations when you might drink too much, providing that you are accurate and truthful.

In case you are not addicted to alcohol however you would like to reduce on the amount you drink, the tips provided below can be helpful.

  • Drink the beverages that contain less alcohol.
  • Drink slowly and you may also have some soft drink between every alcoholic beverage.
  • Do not drink after work .
  • Tell other people about your goals so that they can encourage you and help you with it.

How to reverse the damage caused by alcohol? 

Following the tips given above, try to drink less.

You should follow a healthy diet, high in nutrients effective for recovery process like fruits, whole grains, green vegetables, lean proteins, filtered/bottled water.

Nowadays the supplements made of AFA are largely advised to be used. Adult stem cells represent natural renewal system. When they get released from the bone marrow they migrate to the body areas which require repairmen, transforming to millions of new cells. This process helps the body to repair the damages done and to maintain normal health.

NASA has used AFA to help the astronauts recover from the brain damages caused by G forces. So AFA supplement correctly chosen will help your body to repair after the damage provoked by alcohol abuse.

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