Devastating Effects of Alcohol Abuse

The effects of abusing alcohol are rather harmful and devastating, especially if you consume it in large amounts. The sanction that alcohol consumption has in many areas of the world only partially obscures the danger it poses to society. Apart from this, alcohol is fueled by the association with sense of freedom, fun, adventure spirit.

However we need to view things in a correct perspective and all people should be aware of severe effects alcohol can cause to health if a person becomes addicted. The alcohol consumed is absorbed by the stomach, then it goes into the bloodstream and reaches the body tissues. The effects produced by alcohol on people depend on several factors like age, sex, weight, the amount of food and alcohol consumed.

Alcohol works as a body depressant and can affect it in different ways. It puts additional workload on the heart which leads to hypertension and irregular heartbeat. Thus the efficiency the heart pumps the blood with is changed. In some extreme cases this results in difficulty breathing, irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

Alcohol consumption greatly impairs vision. It can provoke vision blurring, and in some cases of extra drinking a person might not see at all. Alcohol abuse messes up the sleeping patterns. Actually alcohol is known to induce early sleep; though such a sleep isn’t good or beneficial for health. As a matter of fact the sleep induced by alcohol doesn’t at all relax your body or mind, and can eventually cause irritability and fatigue.

Alcohol abuse can seriously damage kidneys. And kidneys are responsible for regulating fluids and mineral supply in the body. Disruptions in their functioning will cause drastic decrease in the levels of energy.

It is a common fact that the impact on the liver caused by alcohol is rather drastic. First of all it may provoke liver cirrhosis. The effects produced by excessive alcohol consumption on the gut and pancreas may evolve serious inflammation in and cause the irritation of the gut lining.

Inhibition loss alcohol abuse may provoke makes it clear why it is popular in social situations, when a person should interact with other individuals. At the same time moderate intake of alcohol induces nausea, disturbed sleep, slurred speech and vomiting. Alcohol consumption greatly impedes the capability to drive, and there are a plenty of cases known when alcohol caused people to indulge in violence acts. To top it all, the menace of suffering from a massive hangover the next morning is immense.

All in all the effects produced by alcohol abuse cause a litany of troubles, and everyone ought to pause and consider if it benefits a person to consume it. Unfortunately alcoholism is a main problem all over the world that has devastated entire communities, and even nations.

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