Common Problems with Eye Contacts

Wearing contacts rather than eyeglasses provides people with freedom, first, you do not need any prescription for sunglasses, second, you may wear standard glasses, you may also swim and see opposing to leaving glasses by a towel where they can be stolen or broken.

Anybody wearing contact lens can tell you that they are not perfect and it is easy to get some irritations and infections which may indicate that you need to stop wearing contacts for some time, or even schedule a visit to the optometrist to check what’s wrong.

Proper cleaning together with eye care is of crucial importance for eye contacts wearers. This means you need to remove makeup properly from the eyes before you put in contact lens, washing face as well as removing sleep discharge from eye corners, making sure there isn’t an eyelash under the lid before you can insert contact lenses.

Depending on lens type, it might absorb particular fluids like soaps, lotions, skin oils, etc, and thus provoke burning when being inserted. It is possible to clean them thoroughly with some special solution, but in case you wear disposable contacts this may be a cue to start a new set.

You should make sure that contacts’ suppliers do not make one size for all. This is as only a optometrist with license can test the vision and also measure the eye curvature you have. So regardless of a huge catalog, actually there are just a few types suitable for a particular person.

Spending much time in front of a computer causes eye twitching, strain and dryness, soreness and redness. This occurs due to the fact that when we look at a display for a long time we actually blink less, and, in fact, contact lens need permanent lubrication, because they might dry out and stick to the cornea.

Working in dusty or dry environment can provoke the same signs. That’s why you should consider this issue and try to take breaks more frequently, maybe even make use of dry eye drops specially designed for people wearing contacts.

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