How Long Has Tooth Whitening Been Used

Maybe you have also wondered about the fact when people became conscious about teeth. If you have always been interested in this issue or if you would like to know it now we provide you with some interesting facts from history.

The history of teeth whitening shows that it was around 3000BC when it started. It is said that people used barbaric ways for cleaning teeth and making them whiter. It was also mentioned that many people because for the general reason to make their teeth sparkly clean, knew a number of strategies to whiten the teeth.

During the time of Roman and Egyptian empires, teeth bleaching history dealt with various types of bleaching agents. People who lived at that time could arrive at a mix of vinegar and pumice stones which they applied onto the teeth making a use of a kind of chew stick. Basing on these, some dentists are aware of such a notion that teeth can be whitened using several substances like ammonia and urine.

Actually barbers were the first people who performed tooth whitening and it happened in 1800s according to the history of teeth whitening. The process was carried out by 2 methods. The fist one is by filling the teeth with a kind of steel apparatus and then drenching this device with nitric acid. This made teeth clean and shiny.

Ways of tooth whitening in fact include a great number of various options. Dentists can whiten your teeth with a procedure which lasts only for one hour. As a matter of fact there are home remedies available. So you can choose some of them like different toothpastes and rinses.

It would be really important to know that the history of teeth bleaching provides the information on the great importance to recognize possible troubles in hygiene and health. People are getting very conscious about the way they look and a part that is of high importance in this matter is teeth health.

As it has always been indicated in various writings and articles to have a sweet smile is possible only with healthy, clean and sparkly shining white teeth.

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