Two Ways of Tooth Whitening or Teeth Bleaching

Tooth whitening and in other words teeth bleaching are among those things that are very important for people who value the way they look. Actually an attractive smile is a neon sign which announces a charming, pleasant, youthful personality. This is the key which opens many doors. No wonder that Hollywood stars spend a fortune on tooth whitening procedures. Stained teeth spoil the most important 1st impression.

Small kids have natural white teeth. The structure of teeth mineral can change in some time. Habits influence teeth color. Tobacco use changes teeth color the way bacterial pigments do. Tooth whitening can reverse the discoloration and restore an amazing smile. At times it is necessary to do tooth whitening for some health reasons as the discoloration causes dental deterioration and therefore the dentist eliminates it for prevention.

Tooth whitening procedure is carried out with oxidizing agents including carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. They interact with teeth enamel and oxidize stain deposits the way bleaching agents act in whitening clothes. If done repeatedly, bleaching activity sinks into the layer of dentine. In the end, tooth whitening eliminates all the signs of discoloration and as a result you attain a stunning Hollywood smile.

Dentists generally do teeth bleaching in 2 ways. The office bleaching includes the application of an oxidizing agent layer on the teeth. Your dentist flushes the layer away in some time, and you can see tooth whitening results. The dentists generally use hydrogen peroxide equivalent (35%) in the procedure. It is fast, but applying this method is not absolutely free of risk. In fact the bleaching agent might damage soft tissues due to chemical burns and dentists should thereby supervise all the process very minutely.

The other way to bleach teeth includes placing a strip of material holding a bleaching agent right on the teeth. The dentist generally doesn’t remove the strip in one visit. The patient keeps it for a certain period (a few hours or a few days). Whitening teeth with this method is actually not so convenient as the first one and requires more time. But a lot of dentists recommend the patients to choose this method rather than the fast one. It is due to the fact that this method is carried out with less risk of damaging soft tissues.

But tooth whitening process is not always successful. Some patients may have yellow teeth as they have used some medicines like tetracycline. Tetracycline can cause stains that will not react right away to teeth bleaching. For such cases repeated tooth whitening is necessary to penetrate the layer of dentine and produce the effects.

New procedures involve the light usage to speed the whitening effect. But light activated bleaching is in the infancy stage and has to be studied further. The development of this process will revolutionize teeth bleaching: will make it a safer and faster procedure.

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