Dental Care for Your Baby and Young Kids

Do you want to learn the secret of getting a perfect teeth set? Then brace yourselves for it – this is a simple old oral hygiene.

Have you thought that there will be a kind of rocket-science revelations here? The secret is to establish an appropriate dental care since an early age (just when the milk teeth appear).

A kid with proper oral hygiene is able to avoid different dental disorders like gum problems, abscesses and tooth decay. These dental troubles are extremely painful – and they generally need treatments that are rather expensive. Proper dental hygiene can produce a lasting effect facial appearance as well as speech development.

Baby’s teeth develop even before they are born. When a child is 6 – 9 months old, the 1st deciduous/milk tooth usually starts to appear.

So take care of baby’s deciduous teeth as if these teeth were gold as they serve as the base for mature teeth to form.

How to prevent dental disorders in children? Apart from right brushing and visits to the dentist on a regular basis, there are some other things you should do to be sure the teeth of your baby or a younger child are healthy. We give you several suggestions which may appear useful for you:

Calcium: be sure your baby drinks enough amounts of milk and eats foods rich in calcium when they are old enough for this. This will ensure the correct development of teeth and will maintain dental health too.

No sugar! Stay away from foods and drinks that are high in sugar. You can try sugar-free medicines when possible.
Minimize all the contact with sugar because sugar is of no good for baby dental health. But if you cannot avoid it, then feed the baby with sugary products only in mealtimes. This will help to minimize the time sweet food spends in the mouth and will lower the risk of dental disorders later.
A sugary drink in kid’s bottle is absolutely no-no product since it plays a crucial part in developing dental decay. Feeding the baby with juice, you should dilute it at first and let him or her drink it from a cup.

Choose healthy alternatives. You may give your baby fruits or cheese between meals. These foods have essential nutrients necessary for promoting dental health.

Children who suck their thumb or other fingers ought to be discouraged from this process. It is a very unhealthy habit that might affect baby’s teeth development.

Avoid using dummies (pacifiers). They may affect the teeth of your baby. And if you want to use them, at least avoid dipping them in fruit juices or honey as this only doubles the damage to teeth.

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