Keep Your Mouth Clean With All Natural Therapies for Oral Hygiene

Many people consider that harsh chemicals are necessary to combat gingivitis, tooth plaque and bad breath. But in fact it is not like this. Natural treatments for oral hygiene are effective for boosting gum problems fighting power outside and inside. Let us examine some most spread natural treatments that are used nowadays.

Herbal Treatments

Some herbs possess antibacterial qualities and help in oral hygiene routine. They also make your breath a bit sweeter. For instance essential oils of spearmint, peppermint and almond, can be rubbed around the gums base as a treatment for oral hygiene.

Tea tree oil also possesses many bacterial-combating agents. Actually it has even more antibacterial features than the essential oils that were mentioned before as oral hygiene treatments. Adding several tea tree oil drops to the toothbrush during the brushing procedure will make your gums invigorated and clean.

Green tea has actually been credited for years as the best natural therapy for oral hygiene. The Chinese have used green tea for a long time as oral rinse for regular mouth care. Green tea has powerful antioxidants which help to improve the immunity.

Vitamin Therapy

Vitamin C boosts the immune system, and helps to fight anaerobic bacteria growth. These bacteria cause plaque on teeth. Besides vitamin C therapy is not only useful in oral hygiene but also fights off other diseases including flues and colds.

Other Natural Treatments

Usual baking soda is accounted great oral antibacterial substances. Brushing with baking soda will ensure that the soda is moistened thoroughly, and that you do not press on the brush too hard. To attain additional cleansing power, you are to rinse the toothbrush in the food rate hydrogen peroxide each time before brushing.

Common Sense Oral Hygiene

  1. Brush your teeth every time after a meal.
  2. You should floss between teeth daily.
  3. Swish water so that to rinse out food particles or you can use an oral irrigator or a water pick specially made for this job.
  4. Replace a toothbrush once in 6 months, and get the electric one for more efficient cleaning. Battery toothbrushes are not expensive and you can easily find one if you are not prepared to make investments in a countertop.

Although all these natural treatments for oral hygiene can effectively prevent gum disorders, still you ought to check with the dentist two times a year for the regular check up.

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