Is Dieting Bad for the Health or not?

I am sure that a lot of people with weigh problems tried to be on a diet at least once. Others, desperate to lose weight, jump from one diet to another in hope to find the perfect solution.

And, perhaps, if you tried any diets and they seemed a success at first, you probably also faced the disappointment of the stupid kilograms coming back. Moreover, you were likely to feel bad and tired and altogether exhausted… With all this the justified question is whether diet is bad for health, if it is harmful? It is not easy to answer.

Most of the diet loss plans require that you avoid certain product groups. Take no carbohydrate diet plan, as an example. It presupposes that you do without all the foods that have carbohydrates in them. And this is definitely not healthy. Moreover, this is extremely unhealthy. Out organism needs carbohydrates as well as proteins and fats. There can not be any good if you stop the intake of one of these. Sure, you will lose some weight, but at the same tome it will end up with deficiency of the important nutrients and is fraught with certain complications to your health.

The diets are for the most part are successful because the amount of calories that a person gets is lessened. But weight loss is also accompanied with energy loss. The reaction of the organism is such that a person experiences a feeling of tiredness. And the further the worse as the organism requires fats it starts to burn the fat cells that are stored in the body making it weaker and with even less amount of energy. A person feels even more exhausted in the end.

And again, generally the results of the diet, however effective, usually subside with time (generally quite quickly). Most diets are very strict and differ from the person’s usual daily allowance. It is very hard to continue the diet plan for long and almost impossible to keep up with it forever. Therefore, it is common that even with weight loss having taken place people tend to give up and get back to their normal diet. Then, it is easy to imagine that the body will gain the kilograms back very soon. And this is the reason for all the diets to be considered as short-time effective.

Moreover, diet is not only a stress for your body but also a stress for your mind as well. A person displeased with his or her body and always in search of some method to lose weight is always upset. And, as it has already been mentioned, diets can be effective but mostly for a short period of time, and then the person returns back to the initial weight; and then again; and again. It is fraught with depression and the feeling of failure.

Therefore, the question “Is dieting bad?” can be answered positively. There are more “no” than “yes” in this case. But for those who want to lose weight without harming the organism there are simple tips: healthy balanced food that includes all food groups, eaten in small portion several times a day, workouts and plenty of water. And you will see the change.

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