Sample Diabetic Diet 2000 Calories

Diabetes can affect all people regardless of their age. Diabetes is common in people with obesity. Diabetics having high levels of blood sugar can develop such health problems as eye, kidney and nerve damage. As obesity often causes diabetes weight loss is the factor most people with diabetes should work on. Together with exercises it is advised to stick to a certain diabetic diet.

Diabetic diet of 2000 calories comprises all groups of food. It is low in fats and calories. The key for 2000 calories diet for people with diabetes is controlling the intake of carbohydrates and consuming food in certain portions. Dependant on carbohydrates consumption and diabetic exchange 2000 calories diet bases on a diet which has a ratio of 20% proteins, 30% fats and 50% carbohydrates. As it is dangerous to decrease the intake of calories drastically, the new 2000 calorie diet is aimed at restricting to 2000 calories every day. And it isn’t hard to follow.

The diet includes whole grains (corn, brown rice, rolled oats, flour, whole-wheat grain, with all 3 parts (the outer bran covering, the middle endosperm, the inner germ). Do not eat artificial sweeteners, sugar, fast food (candies, pastries, burgers, pizzas). It is better to eat green vegetables, fruits, low fat products, low fat meat and low fat diaries, skinless poultry, fish. Following diabetic diet and planning the menu in advance helps you to have low fat and fresh food around.

We would like to present you a sample menu which can plan 2000 calorie diet for diabetics.


  • Bread – 2 slices
  • rice cakes (2) or pasta ( 1 cup)
  • skimmed milk (1 cup) or sugar-free yogurt (1 cup)
  • 1 egg (scrambled, poached or boiled)
  • some fruit

You can eat a sandwich with margarine, an egg and 2 bacon slices.


  • pasta (1 bowl)
  • favorite vegetables
  • meat (turkey or chicken)

You can substitute pasta with cooked brown rice (1 cup), bread (2/ 3 slices), and fish as it is rich in minerals and vitamins.


  • a fruit
  • crackers/saltines (2/3)
  • some cheese
  • tea or coffee (1 a cup) with sweetener


  • fish (tuna/salmon) or meat (3 servings)
  • baked potato
  • bread (2/3 slices)
  • vegetables (2 helpings)
  • a fruit

For a night snack :

milk (1 cup) with some saltiness or cheese

2000 calorie diet represents a combination of fiber, fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Before you choose the diet, you should consult a dietitian to consider your health, nutritional requirements and age. Knowing all these things he will help you to opt the best diet. Drink enough water (2 – 3 liters) or juice and follow the exercise program regularly. Thus you will get better results and be healthy.

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