Diet Tips for Healthy Eating and Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight, the first thing coming to your mind is a diet. Generally people do not realize the way food influences the way they feel and look. And it is not easy to choose a proper diet; even harder it is to follow the chosen diet. But there is an idea that seems obvious, but still is not so popular. It is simple: there is no need to stick to any particular diet as long as you eat healthy.

But in order to understand what is healthy food we should know which foods are unhealthy and actually do harm. Refined sugar is the first in the list of products that lead to obesity. On the product labels it can be named differently depending on the variation like fructose, dextrose, glucose, lactose, and etc. But it is sugar and it can be found almost everywhere.

What is so bad about sugar? The thing is that the excessive sugar gets stored in the body and not burned therefore causing weight gain. Therefore it is useful to recollect how much sugar you usually consume during the day. And, as the majority of foods like bread, cereal, drinks, candy, microwave meals and many other do contain sugar, where is a great risk for you to end up with insulin levels increased and consequent fat storage. If you have a sedentary lifestyle and do not work out at least a little, your chances to have an increase on your pounds are even higher. Therefore, once again, reduce your sugar intake and drink more water.

It is also recommended that you refrain from any processed food. Nothing like junk and fast food contains so much fat, and sugar, and calories.

There is also an issue about fat. While eating we should remember that it differs, actually. There are “omega-6” oils, which are made up of “long-chain triglyceride” bonds. They are a problem for the body to break down and therefore cause fat storage in the body. There are, however, omega-3 fats that have the medium chain bonds and therefore it easier for the liver to convert to energy and prevent fat storage. Such fats are contained in pure coconut oil, also cod liver oil and etc.

As it has already been said eating can be a problem so why create more complications with diets? Here are some tips that will help to organize your meals simply but not monotonously. First of all, try to reduce your sugar intake, or, if possible, do not eat it at all. Secondly, give your preference to healthy natural products like fresh vegetables and fruit, lean meat, seafood, good fats, nuts and seeds. If it is not unavoidable refrain from alcohol and soda. Make yourself your lunches for work and buy your food in bulk. This will help to save money and time. Another good advice is to create a recipe card set where you will write down healthy recipes. You can also share and exchange with your friends.Sure, it will take time to get used to this regime instead of what you got used to but surely, you will find benefits.

There is one more advice: keep a journal where you place your photo in you “before” and “after” states and keep the record of all the achievements, be it weight or cholesterol, or else. After a period of time you will see how well you are doing. Do not forget, however, that every person is different and the results will be different as well.

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