Weight with Indoor Cycling

The indoor cycling is mainly under the concept known spinning, and will stand on wheels running. This sport was invented in America, and is today from the local sports can no longer be ignored. The indoor cycling is particularly good for weight loss and health reasons, since the per hour burns about 800 calories for athletes. People that are  overweight, should choose a different sport, because indoor cycling demands too much from the bones.
In general, indoor cycling with a group trained under the guidance of an experienced trainer is considerable. In cycling, there are currently five different driving style, adapted to the physical fitness excercise. The flat route is usually used for beginners, or at the beginning of the training. In the further course of the training units further increased on the steep terrain, the hills, the race and interval training.
The indoor cycling is not only in the seats, but also standing. Through the change is mainly the lower lot of muscle stretched, the cycle is in full swing, and it is a very high energy incineration. The endurance sports in the group offers the advantage that the participants will be encouraged to increase training started. Indoor cycling is mainly the fact that alternately standing and sitting will be trained, thus the lower muscle game is claimed. Styles of driving should be different in a training unit and must be repeatedly changed, then in this sport not only pushed the cycle, but also the energy incineration is much increased.
The cycling motion is not only very good for weight loss, but for everyone who wants to improve his condition. The indoor cycling is likely to receive good health, increased stamina and ability to improve weight loss.


  1. Where did you get this idea that “indoor cycling demands too much from the bones.” That’s rediculous. In fact the exact opposite is true. Cyclists tend to have bone density problems because cycling demands on your frame are minimal–gravity not being a factor in pedalling a bike. Simply put, we sweat calcium and need to consume more of it than the average, active person because of cycling’s low impact on the skeleton. Conversely, running and walking are very demanding on your bone structure. Cycling is recommended for pregnant women, and those recovering from bone and joint problems for the very reason you recommend against it.

    Cycling is perfect for fat people, plain and simple. It’s the best and most effective way to get them the calorie burning kickstart they need to lose weight. It’s low impact and high benefit.

    If you don’t know anything about cycling, you shouldn’t be giving advice. After all, what other sport do you recommend for fat people? Running?

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