Low Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol cause a lot of people die in the 21 century. Why is it so? Because people tend to eat unhealthy food. Their diets can not be considered sound in any way; too much fat, too much food – too much cholesterol. Certain changes in daily allowance are, however, able to lessen the amount of fat intake and make you healthier.

Fish with high amounts of Omega – 3 fatty acids, nuts (such as almonds and walnuts) containing fatty acid Omega – 3 as well, also fruits and vegetables – are the products that you should include in your diet if you want to reduce cholesterol levels. These are basic products recommended by fitness instructors as well.

What concerns the latter, fruits and vegetables actually, they are great in any way possible as the list of heir beneficial and useful characteristics is quite long. They are rich in vitamins and minerals and have cholesterol reducing potential due to the containing in them soluble fiber and pectin. Therefore eat more apricots, apples, and oranges and vegetables such as sweet potatoes and cabbages. You can either eat them raw or mixed with other products.

Lean red meat is also considered a cholesterol lessening product; though, there are debates on this account. Well, the product is rich in fat, but if you take away this fat, you will get a great portion of sound low cholesterol meat. It is low in saturated fat, but it also contains plenty of other vitamins and nutrients (e.g. Vitamin B12, protein, zinc, and iron).

Mind that if you choose to stick up to low cholesterol diet it means you will have to eat tasteless unpleasant food. All you need is how to cook things properly; but, it is the same with the normal food – if you are a bad cook your dishes will be awful. And, then, again, isn’t it a small sacrifice in order to keep your organism healthy and fit?

There is also one more way out – you can take some supplements that have these foods extracts. For instance, phytosterols are active compounds of rice bran oil, soy and Asian mushrooms; policosanol is in raw sugar cane; black tea contains theaflavins and green tea – catechins.

A supplement containing these ingredients can be combined with low cholesterol diets; some people even find such supplements effective without the need to restrict their food intake. Still, it is strongly recommended that you stop using and consuming partially hydrogenated oils.

It is always better, however, to prevent the problem than to deal with it afterwards. Therefore it is advised to adhere to healthy fat free food from the very childhood. This will allow your body stay fresh and sound.

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