Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccination

Swine flu is, perhaps, the most much-talked-of recent issue. And, though, there has been enough articles on its account, even more burning question is the one about vaccines and their benefits and drawbacks.

At the present moment healthcare industry is ready to offer a broad range of vaccines like Influvac, Pandemrix, Fluzone, Optaflu and FluMist (Live attenuated), also Acam-flu. Still, their usage and efficiency regarding swine flu are debated.

There have been other vaccines but all in all they lack one important thing – they are not properly tested clinically as normal flu vaccines usually are.

But pharmaceutical companies produce H1N1 swine flu vaccination and they have the approval from the government, which is more, so that no lawsuit can be brought against them. It is all being explained by the pressure of pandemic and little time. But still, people are induced to take this vaccination regardless of the fact and the whole situation resembles the one of 1976, the year of the first swine flu and vaccination fiasco.

There are, however, some things to contemplate on. First of all, no one can give a guarantee at the present moment that the swine flu shots will have any effect in the first place. Moreover, vaccines may contain toxic heavy metals (mercury and aluminum), also preservatives and emulsifiers, including formaldehyde. This is definitely not something you would like to give to your child. Then, there is no guarantee that the vaccine will be free from chemical toxins like ethylene glycol (antifreeze), formaldehyde and phenol (carbolic acid), or immune adjuvants like squalene. The latter, actually, is supposed to evoke Gulf War Syndrome. Such autoimmune disorders take years to be diagnosed as they do not show clear early symptoms. Finally, vaccines are considered possible to lead to autism and Alzheimer’s. Sure, there are no direct proofs, but the chances are high.

Therefore, it is important that everyone will decide for themselves whether to get the H1N1 swine flu vaccination or not. Strangely enough, there are laws in the making that will ensure a mandated vaccination program and certain authorities will get the right to check that the proper abidance is followed. This is really out of the common sense as no drug that has not been testes properly should be a subject of mandate.

Of course, pharmaceutical companies have tangible profits on the vaccination, but isn’t it their major concern that a patient’s life was not risked? People need to know more on the issue, all the advantages and drawbacks of vaccination should be explained so that people could make a decision based not on ignorance and fear.

To cap it all one should point out that it is up to you to decide whether you get vaccine or not. More important is that you should help your immune system to become more resistant in general. Multi-vitamins and especially Vitamin D intake can be of great assistance. Some researches even claim that sufficient levels of this vitamin fight any kind of flu in your organism. Therefore do not let the levels drop; especially this is likely to happen in winter and fall periods when sunshine is scarce. Make sure you intake enough of Vitamin D and C and do not let yourself to be fooled in anyway.

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