How Many Calories in Cream Cheese?

What comes to your mind with the words “cream cheese”? Delicious, luscious, delectable, yummy… Right, this is something that makes you hungry and it is a nice treat. Still, it is as much dangerous for your health as it is heavenly tasty.

What is cream cheese, actually? It is, literally, cheese, but soft and unripened and prepared with either cream alone or cream and milk. Generally, it has white colour and an enriched taste combined with the mildness compared to nothing else. It resembles cottage cheese but only in the way of looks as the latter is made from skim or nonfat milk and therefore far less fatty. The French has a similar product and they call it Neufchâtel. In America it is hard to find a spread and sandwich filling more popular than this one. Moreover, cream cheese is broadly used in cheesecakes, bakery, pastries and frostings.

But is has already been mentioned earlier the product is quite harmful for the body as it is able to cause your cardiovascular system damaged in certain way due to the amount of fats it contains. Not to mention that extreme liking and frequent eating of it can cause weight problems and even lead to obesity. Let us have a look at some nutrition facts:

Cream Cheese has nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz):

  • Energy – 340 kcal 1430 kJ;
  • Carbohydrates – 4 g;
  • Fat – 34 g; saturated 19 g; monounsaturated 9 g; polyunsaturated 1 g;
  • Protein 6 g;
  • Cholesterol 110 mg;
  • 1 cup (232 grams) contains 810 calories.

Therefore if you are concerned about your health and being fit it is recommended not to try too hard with cream cheese. There are alternatives like cottage cheese and it is not bad substitute. Also you can try using ricotta cheese. It is made from partially skimmed milk and will definitely be a better choice.

Or, rather, you can try a fat-free plain yogurt as a substitute as well. There are a lot of recipes on how to prepare things you are used to preparing with cream cheese with a fat-free plain yogurt instead. So, good luck to you and try to think and act healthy!

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