Drug Abuse, Drug Addiction

The term drug abuse is the consumption of substances, a rush order, or hallucinations produce stimulant effects and / or the consumers in a euphoric mood.

Moreover, excessive consumption of alcohol and nicotine falls under the concept of drug abuse. In a narrower sense, however, is almost exclusively illegal consumption of drugs meant: opiates (opium, morphine, heroin), euphoria based substances such as cocaine, designer drugs (ecstasy, speed) and hallucinogens such as cannabis (hashish, marijuana), mescaline, LSD , Liquid Ecstasy.

After taking the drugs, there will be depressive, sometimes aggressive distortion. A drug addiction (the term “addiction” is considered obsolete) means that the dose must be increased to maintain desired effect. Some drugs – opiates, nicotine, alcohol – lead to a physical addiction, but even if this is not the case, there is a risk of addiction associated with other mental disorders observed – especially in unstable personalities. For mental difficulties helps uncontrolled drug use in any circumstances. A risk-free drug abuse, there is also established for persons not.

Drug addicts often neglect everything else: members themselves, school, work. Not only as drug dealers, but also as a drug user makes it in many cases to prosecution. The available financial resources are no longer necessary for the replenishment, drug addicts give the necessary money through burglaries and sometimes other crimes (acquisitive crime).

The global annual turnover in the illicit drug trade is estimated 500 billion U.S. dollars. A portion of this money is earned from the drug companies invested in legitimate (money laundering). “Drug barons” dominate, especially in Colombia and Afghanistan entire regions. Farmers, the poppy (opiates) live and on the protection of these drug barons are dependent, you must first create one other opportunity, for their livelihood to make sure before we can win their support.

While it sooner rather adults were to be accessed drugs – soldiers, intellectuals, the rich and famous, working under high pressure – it since the late sixties in the Western affluent societies especially young people. When the hippies had cannabis as a psychedelic. In the discos and raver scene will be swallowed ecstasy and speed, long nights to dance to. Also out of curiosity many young people experiment with drugs – and not infrequently appreciate the risk to become addicted.

It is devastating when young people inject heroin because they are in reality not find perspective and not recognize (fear of the future, escape reality).

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