How Many Calories Should I Consume to Lose Weight?

Everyone knows about calories or at least has heard about them. But what is it actually and why some people are obsessed with counting them in order to shed some pounds?

Calories represent units of energy and therefore they are so important. Our body requires energy and in specific amounts. A personal requirement is highly individual and mostly depends on the height and weight as well as the lifestyle of a person in concern. However, there are ways to define an average standard requirement for every person.

Everyone has got a different lifestyle – sedentary, moderately active and overly active. Those who have the first usually have office work and lack physical activity in general. Moderate activity presupposes some exercises from time to time and actually active people lead quite versatile life and either love sports or due to certain circumstances have to be active throughout the day.

There exist the following way to define the requirement is calorie intake for every lifestyle type and it is rather simple. The table given below is explaining everything and helps you understand how much calories you really need:

Those people who want to lose some weight it is important to cut down calories intake and not forget about regular workouts also. A minimal amount of calories that we should get is 1200 otherwise we will not have enough energy. If you feel that you eat too much you can reduce by 100 a day, and even 500 a day if your case is such. But it is recommended to consult with the doctor on the account of your personal diet and how much calories you can reduce and where your personal limit is.

Remember, that it is always individual and a diet plan will depend on your age, even gender, weight and height, lifestyle preferences as well. However, whatever diet plan you take, just make sure that you eat not less than your organism is able to burn daily.

It is quite useful and, even more, helpful to count your calories when you loose weight. The average requirement for women is 1000 calories a day; 2500 – is an average for men. So, this is something you can start with. Every product on the shop shelves contains the information about its content and nutrition fact. According to theses labels you can decide which product to buy and which one is too much for you. Actually, there is no need to deprive yourself of everything you like but what is too nutritious.

But it is recommended to give preference to such products as vegetables and fruits. They have certain properties that are the best for speedy weight loss. Low-fat products are also a good way out. Buy low-fat butter and cheese instead of your normal one; it is not really worse either in taste or quality. Also, try to eat less, but more frequently; and do not starve – this will definitely not allow you to shed pounds, contrariwise you are more likely to gain extra weight.

To cap it all, counting calories is a good way to lose weight, but it takes some effort as well, and will as well. But remember, that your results will be even better if you combine your diet plan with certain exercises and healthy lifestyle.

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