Five Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is a group of diseases which consolidate malignant epithelioma of the skin. It is one of the most frequent illnesses. Skin cancer includes all malignant neoplasm: basaloma, squamous, melanoma. The main reason of skin cancer development is in constant epithelium disturbance by physical and chemical factors. Principal factors of illness development is ultraviolet and ionizing radiation, the same as various chemical carcinogens influence which came on the skin, including tobacco smoke. Genetic peculiarities of the body are also significant.

Skin cancer symptoms depend on the form and stage of disorder. Surface form is the most frequent variation. These signs are typical for basaloma. It starts from one or some confluent painless nodules. The knot slightly rises above the surface of the skin, has a yellowish or dull-white color and dense texture.

After some time the tumor increases in size and becomes a painless patch of yellow or grayish white, slightly rising above the skin. Its surface is smooth or rough. In the center of plaque there may appear an erosion witch is covered with scales or crust.

Skin cancer may develop from epidermis or glandular appendages of the skin. Quite frequent it appears on the face. Evident signs of it are plaques with intense pink color and the presence of scales that can seem as other skin diseases.
Pathological process of development is predominantly on open parts of the body, moreover above 70% of tumors are formed on the face, in the forehead, nose, corners of the eyes, temporal areas and auricles. It is possible to characterize as one or some confluent painless nodules, small in size which are hardly noticeable, moreover it is yellow or matt white color and have dense consistency.

Squamous cell carcinoma is predominantly formed in the red border of the lips, especially on the bottom of the penis, vulva, on other parts of the body it can hardly appear. As usually it has a smooth, small size, sometimes with papillary growths on the surface, which spoils, where there is a crater, sometimes painfully bleeding with a tight bottom, twisted. The tumor is rapidly increasing in dimension, spoiling the surrounding tissues, and metastasizes.

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