How to Be Healthy?

It seems that there are those people who are never ill. What do they do special for this? In case you should follow some simple rules to be constantly healthy. The first principle is to wash your mouth with antiseptic substances which improves teeth health and helps to reflect all illnesses. One more reason to wash the mouth is poor oral hygiene and gum disease, which may lead to more serious illnesses including diabetes.

The rule an apple a day really works. Natural antioxidant quercetin, which is contained in red apples, broccoli and green tea, can help recharge the immune system.

Stop warring, supper your tension. Do not think about your illnesses – it my only worsen your condition. Constant anxiety may only weaken the immune system. Remember about vitamins, epidemic lack of D vitamin is a worldwide problem. Everyone needs D vitamin, which is contained in salmon, eggs and milk. According to investigation Americans have lack of C vitamins. Citrus is an excellent source of C vitamin.

Yoga and meditation, physical activity and breathing exercises help to improve physical and emotional health. Meditation helps to calm nerve system, which will function with lesser interference. As far as certain investigations are concern, those people, who have positive emotional style are happy, imperturbable and full of enthusiasm, they are less subject to colds. Probably, the advice to wash hands is evident, but the majority of us not always remember its rule after using the toilet. A regular hand washing is important for illnesses prevention. During the season of colds and flu, wash hands with the soap some times per a day because you are connecting with various bacteria. Normal hands washing takes 20 seconds, this is the most effective way to avoid 1 billion of colds.

A dream is one of the best ways to be healthy. Those people who have 8 hours of sleeping do everything ok. A good night’s sleep restores the immune system. The fact is that during a sleep increases the levels of melatonin, which improves the immune system work.

Don’t forget about physical activity because it is one of the most important rules of health. Massage is a powerful measure of treatment. It also speeds up blood circulation, respectively reducing swelling, decreasing the tension of the nerves and soothing them.

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