How Does the Jenny Craig Diet Work?

Jenny Craig is a special diet which has appeared in 1983 in Australia and started its american implementation in1985. Jenny Craig is a special center, where they help to lose weight, apply the mix of excersises where they teach to control weight and a master class on a modern diet. The course lasts about 30-60 days and includes individual consultations, which are developed and adopted to each client and especially motivated schemes.

Jenny Craig is a low calories diet which is based on balanced nutrition (60% of carbohydrates, 20% of fats, 20% of proteins. Particularly this main strategy deserves you attention because it is much better than any other program or diet pills.

The diet consists of half-stuff products and it is comfortable, moreover it helps to control portion’s size when you are on a diet. Nevertheless there is a problem with half-staff products because it presupposes significant expenditures, particularly if we are talking about Jenny Craig products, which are much expensive than ordinary shopping half-staff products. The first stage of the program presumes obligatory standard combination of products buying.

The essential point of the method is the time when the client from half-staff products turns to ordinary home food. In this time weekly magazines and talking with a person, who is not a professional nutritionist, should help the client. The main purpose of this talking is to teach normal attitude to food and to change typical schemes of client’s behavior, to install love to active way of life. It is the most useful part of the program. The diet is calculated on 1200 calories per a day, plus or minus a hundred calories, depending on weight and age.

Physical activity is far not the essential part of the diet. The case is that serious physical activity may frustrate potential clients. Worthwhile saying that regular training is an inseparable part of new way of life of those who managed to lose weight and is able to maintain it.

Jenny Craig nutrition is more expensive than other programs; nevertheless the accent is made on important and correct things. It is evident that Jenny Craig diet is one of those few who are honestly working in the industry of fake pills and promises. It was calculated that a week of Jenny Craig diet costs $137,65.

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