How Does Alcohol Affect the Stomach?

During ethanol influence on the body there are possible to determine two phases: absorption and incubation.

The time from alcohol consumption till it maximum concentration in the blood is the period of absorption. Thus, till ethanol is in the stomach, the absorption is enough slow, then by means of it transmitting into the small intestine, the speed of absorption increases, but in the very end of the process it is slow dawn again. It is regarded that in relation with individual peculiarities of the body, the adsorption may increase almost in 2,5 times (till 2-6 hours). During absorption organs and tissues ethanol saturation comes quicker than its oxidation and excretion that is way there is increase in its concentration in the blood.

The process of incubation starts after 90-98% of alcohol was absorbed. Approximately from 2 till 10 % of absorbed ethanol releases with excretion, exhaled air, sweat, saliva and feces within 7-12 hours. The rest ethanol turns into carbon dioxide and water in the body and does not releases. The duration of incubation is many times more than absorption. In the average alcohol is captured some days in the body.

After alcohol penetration in the body, the gullet and the stomach suffer first. The stronger alcohol is the most serious injuring are. Alcohol suppresses the digestive elements of the pancreas production, which prevents from nutrient substances division for body cells nutrition. Disturbing inner surface of the stomach and pancreas, alcohol suppresses nutrient substances absorption and the transmission some of them into the blood makes completely impossible.

While regular alcohol consumption, the glands, which are in the stomach wall and produce gastric juice under the influence of alcohol release many mucus and damages. The digestion process is inadequate, which leads to gastritis and stomach cancer if not to take immediate treatment and measures.

While strong alcohol consumption there is a burn of esophagus walls and stomach. The organism will need significant time to rebuild the injured tissue. The pancreas has also injuring. Those who are alcohol addictive suffer from poor digestion and severe pain in the stomach. They may also experience diabetes in the result of certain cells death, which are situated in the pancreas and produce insulin. Pancreatitis and diabetes caused by alcohol is an irreversible process and people are subject to constant pain and suffering. Moreover, pancreatitis produces complications under insignificant diet changes.

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