When Is the Best Time to Get Pregnant?

Each woman has a particular period of time in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which is the most favorable time for pregnancy.

Each woman has a particular period of time in the middle of the menstrual cycle, which is the most favorable time for pregnancy.

Ovules are active about 3 days, and sperm are viable for 3-5 days. It means that time for pregnancy is limited; in best case it is 3-4 days. Ovulation is a favorable period which starts for 12-16 days before coitus. This process involves the sensitivity of cervix of the uterus mucus plug offensive and aspiration of sperm in the fallopian tubes. If to determine proper day of ovulation, there is a high probability of pregnancy.

Nevertheless each season has its advantages and disadvantages. For example during summer a woman is in emotionally stable mood, lots of couples spend much time on the open air, consequently they have more time for successful pregnancy. Summer is a period of weddings and holidays. It is a time of fresh fruits and vegetables, berries. One more significant thing is that it is a period of viruses’ absence. Among short backs of this season it is possible to mention lack of vitamins after delivery and in the beginning of lactation, while young mother should receive enough vitamins.

Among autumn pregnancy advantages there is large number of natural vitamins during the conception and during the formation of lactation. Like any other this period also has its drawbacks. These are outbreaks of infectious disease which come in the first trimester of pregnancy; during this period the fetus is particularly vulnerable. It’s not a very good for health of a pregnant, because part of her latest pregnancy months pass in the hottest time of the year, and it is very difficult for them to maintain water balance. One more reason is that it’s not the best time of melatonin harmony production, which helps to incubate a baby.

Unfortunately winter has only one positive moment and it is great amount of fresh fruits and vegetables in the last trimester of pregnancy and lactation formation. Moreover it has the greatest spreading of infections during the first months of pregnancy. There are also unsuitable conditions for walks within the first months of baby life.

Finally, let’s turn to spring. It is the period of spring emotional ascension. Within the last months of pregnancy the baby gets enough vitamins and melatonin production. Above everything spring coolness helps to overcome pregnancy easier. Nevertheless the period is characterized by increased injury in the third trimester of pregnancy. Rather unfavorable conditions for walking in the first months of the baby life.

But do not pay much attention to the peculiarities of pregnancy at different times of a year; it is more important that the child was a welcome and healthy.

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