Allergy, What Reactions of Allergy

People are becoming more unpleasant when allergies hit. The body reacts extremely sensitive to the environment, individual food, the house, animals and much more. The natural defense system is transversely and the result is symptoms such as hay fever, itching, skin rashes, allergies, etc. You can even discover that serious sequelae are involved. Allergies are diagnosed today and many treatable through the use of medications to alleviate well. Hypo awareness through (physical confrontation with the triggering allergen) can often even make a complete cure.

The most widely used allergy is hay fever (pollen allergy). It is estimated that nearly 25% of U.S citizens in some form to suffer. Shutter complaints are the pollen of trees, flowers, cereals, etc., over the air (airways) in the human organism reach. In addition to the drug treatment is also recommended, at least within your own four walls of the allergen from spreading – for example through the filter of an air conditioning – to minimize delays.

Another threat is allergic to dust mites (spidery) Especially children are very badly affected and the risk of allergic asthma could occur. The mites distribute their droppings, especially in beds, on upholstered furniture and carpets and cuddle animals. Can be effectively combated the house dust mite by using a special dust mites spray. But other species (especially animal hair from cats and guinea pigs, insect bites, etc.) can cause allergic reactions in humans – eg watery eyes, sneezing, eczema, swelling, etc.

Very sensitive to the man (partially treated) food. Known representatives here are orange, kiwi, strawberries, nuts, milk, soy, wine, etc. Allergic reactions are not uncommon nausea, diarrhea, swelling, difficulty breathing and rashes. But even leather, washing powder, toilet articles and much more can trigger an allergy.

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