What Happens During a Heart Attack?

A heart attack occurs when there is blood flow to the heart blocking. Without blood and delivered oxygen a part of the heart starts dieing. A heart attack is not necessary fatal. Immediate treatment may restore blood flow to the heart and save the life. Among doctors a heart attack is called a myocardial infarction.

A heart attack is usually appears in the result of fat deposits, which are known as plaques in the middle of coronary arteries, which deliver blood into the heart. In case the plaque bursts, blood tries to fix it by forming a thrombus. The thrombus can block an artery, preventing the path of blood flow and oxygen to the heart.

The process of plaques formation in coronary arteries is called as a coronary heart disease. Among many people the plaque forms since childhood, gradually increasing in size. The deposits can restrict blood to the heart, causing angina. A heart attack is often the first sign of coronary heart disease.

Intensive physical activities, sudden strong emotions, illicit drugs receiving may contribute to a heart attack. Nevertheless, in most cases the reason of the heart attack occurrence in the moment remains unclear until the end.
Among the maim symptoms of the heart attack it is possible to mention acute chest pain. Many people describe the pain as discomfort, pressure, heaviness in the chest. Quite frequent people lay the hand on the chest. The pain may spread down to the left shoulder and arm, as well as in other areas, for example, back, jaw, neck, right arm. There are cases when there is pain in the upper abdomen, which is often confused with heartburn, sweating, nausea and vomiting, shortness of breath. A person may also suffer from the feeling of pulsation, weakness, excessive fatigue, a feeling of loss of consciousness.

By the way, not everyone is having these classical symptoms of severe pain in the chest. Women, aged people, those who suffer from diabetes are less subject to strong chest pain. They have often short of breath, dizziness, weakness, feeling of loss of consciousness, abdominal pain.

If you have the heart disease symptoms you should take intermediate actions. Treatment is sooner may save your life. Take proper medication and call an ambulance, describe your systems and point that there is probably a heart attack.

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