What Is the Definition of Heart Disease?

Heart disease is killing more women than men. More than half a million of women die annually from coronary heart disease, while the number of men deaths is much less – 460 thousand. The disease is characterized by chest pain, shortness, sticky sweat, dizziness, anxiety, palpitations, nausea, feeling of heaviness, feeling like squeezing a breast with the impact to the left shoulder and arm.

What shall you do if you feel any of these signs? Be sure to immediately call an ambulance. In other case, time is working against you, and any delay greatly reduces your chances to survival.

In order to prevent heart disease you should carefully monitor your health. The easiest way to strengthen your health and thereby extend your life is walking. According to research walking significantly reduces the risk of heart attacks. Those women who walk at least three hours per week every day reduces the risk of heart attack by 30-40 percent. Those who walk more than five hours per week reduce the risk by 50 per cent.

Keep it in mind that it is necessary to walk calm measured steps (up to five kilometers per hour), about a kilometer in 15 minutes. Moreover it is never too late to start, even if you had seen only sport on TV, start your walk today and prevent a heart attack tomorrow.

Of course, walking is only one component, in order to avoid a heart attack, but you need pay proper attention to nutrition. What is the food we normally eat, which can increase the risk of heart disease? Firstly it is fried food, like chicken or steak, various Pizzerias, potato-fries. Substitute similar food for more healthy and use a variety of low-fat sauces.

There is reasonable the following question, what are the main components of cardio-healthy diet? The food should be varied and include a large number of vegetables, fruits, whole grains. Choose a diet in lowered saturated fat and cholesterol. While visiting a grocery store pay attention to what are more healthy foods – red meat or vegetarian meal? Pay attention to the variety of vegetables and fruits. Red meat may also be part of your diet, just try to choose lean meat, like pork tenderloin, chicken breast, veal or ground beef.

Do not forget that diversity is a component of the diet. Choice of meat is quite big; do not forget to include seafood in your diet. Let your diet be small, 30 percent of fat content. Read the labels on products that you buy and try to choose those products in which there is low sodium, fat and cholesterol. And remember: heart disease is not only a genetic fact consequence.

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