How Do you Maintain a Healthy Diet?

Effective diets can be healthy. One of the most popular among them are the Kremlin, Japanese and kefir (Valley) diet.

Recommendations how to lose weight, following the rules of these diets, can be found in any magazine. The difference between these diets from others is that they are time-tested by many people and secondly they are quite simple. No special ingredients, the cost is not required.

The most effective diets are watermelon and buckwheat. In the first case, there can only be watermelon, in the second buckwheat. The effectiveness of these diets is simple. For a week, you reset approximately 3-5 kg. The negative moment of water-melon diet is that weight losing is only possible in watermelons season. Plus, it is not always cheap.

“Scientific” and little investigated diets there can be called a protein diet and a diet based on blood group.

Protein diet, in contrast to carbohydrate, admits to eating anything that consists of a protein. It will probably please those who can not imagine his life without meat.

In general to observe the protein diet is simple enough: to give up fats and carbohydrates, that is removed from the diet products such as potatoes, cereals, pasta, dessert, flour and butter. On the contrary, it is recommended to consume protein foods such as lean meat, fish, eggs, low-fat dairy products.

Peter D’Adamo, an American physician, developed the methodology of blood type nutrition. According to his theory, the assimilation of food, the efficiency of its use by the body is directly related to the genetic characteristics of man, namely, his blood group. For the normal functioning of the immune and digestive systems, the person needs to consume products that match the blood type, in other words, those who long ago lived on his ancestors. Exclusion of dietary substances that are incompatible with the blood, reduces cinder body, improves the function of internal organs, and promotes weight loss. The consumption of “alien” food leads to cinder of the organism and the rapid growth of fatty deposits.

Blood group feeding theory provoked heated debate among doctors who are not abated yet. Special diet is a treatment die for patients with diabetes. Diet for patients with diabetes should take into account the number of people carbohydrates consume, because carbohydrates are the main source of glucose and consequently feeding element requiring insulin.

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