How to Survive Depression?

Any modern man, especially living in the metropolis, creates idols in form of career, success, life’s schedule, where every step, every working day, any visit to the doctor, trips to the gym, phone calls and meetings with neighbors and relatives, and all other components of our lives are determined to each minute.

We have learned a brief talk on mobile phones: only the main, only the ground “in the case, in fact.” Even our holidays are often planned in advance and there also exists a schedule. We rush in a furious rhythm, winning the right to rest and happiness, sometimes losing its sense, depriving ourselves of pleasure just to live. To some point, “the joy of life” becomes the prize, which can be obtained only at the cost of enormous efforts and unwavering determination.

We are beginning to deny ourselves in everything, load ourselves excessively. Autumn, with its low clouds and sleet did not retreat, snowy winter did not come. Our lives are colored gray tones; we’re going to work and back home in the dark. Of course, this is not the happiest period. You can continue to revel in the state of general decline in strength.

Nevertheless there are ways to cope with depression. Drug treatment: depression has physical and psychological aspects. Chronic depression can lead to the fact that the brain ceases to produce useful hormones. In such cases to help people become stronger, you need medication. Then people will be able to overcome the crisis and ultimately get rid of depression as well as the need for treatment.

Brighter lighting: since some types of depression caused by the influence of the external environment, brighter lighting and more sunlight could be beneficial. There is, in particular, seasonal depression which is associated with bad weather.

Thyroid: for some people, depression is caused by disorders of thyroid function. Medication can have in these cases, substantial assistance.

Chemical imbalance: a good doctor is able to understand whether the depression is caused by a psychological problem or chemical imbalance.

Exercise and diet: physical exercise produces endorphins. The diet should not contain chocolate, caffeine, alcohol and meat. All these foods are good for depression.

Using the techniques of stress: meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis, and massage is always beneficial.

Keeping a diary: entries are an extremely powerful method of mastering your mind.

Be more confident. Containment emotions can act as a catalyst for depression.

Put an end to fears such as “what if”. Instead of thinking about what could happen bad, think about what could happen well?

Learn to cope with anger. While the mind covers the concern, it will remain a slave of depression.


  1. I like your advise on meditation, visualization, self-hypnosis and massage. Thanks for your concern. keep writing!

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