How Long Do Drugs Stay in Your System?

During scientific researches there was made and confirmed one of the discoveries, which presupposes that residues of drugs and other poisons trapped in the fatty tissue of the body and remain there even after many years of their admission. Remains of the drug may continue to negatively affect the person long after the action of the drug stopped. So here we have a detoxification.

Having stopped to take drugs in a consequence, people can pay for it a lot of years. Drugs and toxins “trapped” in the tissues of the body – mainly in fatty tissues and remain there for many years after the man took them. The deposits of the drug may begin to act years later, causing in a person unpredictable manifestations, as if he had just taken the drug again. Heroin, cocaine, Ecstasy, mescaline, peyote, marijuana – these are some substances that are “stuck in the body” and later put into operation, or become active again, as if people just took them. And only detoxification can cope with this problem.

Medicines, food preservatives, tranquilizers, pesticides, chemical wastes and can accumulate in the tissues, and later to cause various adverse reactions. And while real toxic substances are “shut up” in the body, and till there was not carried detoxification, they can re-activate all the sensations received during the use of these substances. Drugs and poisons can change man’s attitude to life and other people. They can stop any improvement or personal development, and prevent the help to mind and mental state of man.

People experience a lot of changes to the extent as drugs deposits are excreted in sweat, and their influence is becoming less and less with each day.

The hypothalamus consists of two cell types: normal neurons and neurosecretory cells, producing hormones entering the bloodstream. One of the hormones produced by the brain is the endorphins – the hormone of joy, delight. Due to this hormone we feel positive emotions (joy, enthusiasm and confidence, calmness). For all these actions brain cells release endorphins into blood, it usually occurs in the human body. If the body gets the drug, it makes the nerve cells constantly throwing endorphins into the bloodstream; influencing people applied the drug to experience joy, enthusiasm. All the trouble seemed to him insignificant. Endorphins stimulate all mental sensations. It becomes much impressive.

So having tried a drug just once, people will want to try it again, to see such a beautiful world once again.

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