WOYO – the modern yoga

In the fitness studio is a new form of the active body excercise. Woyo – workout and yoga – had his actual birth by Ms Soder in Europe, now holds its nationwide collection and enthusiasm from numerous people within the shortest time. Woyo – freely translated: the drafting of yoga’s – for almost every age range and gives the appropriate body to regular exercise units sustained resilience and suppleness.

The actual idea and the methodology of the exercises in Woyo come largely from the traditional yoga. Added to modern physical training, such as posture correction, muscle strengthening, relaxation exercises, etc. Through the targeted provision of support (mats, blocks, straps, ball, etc.), the personal needs of individual practitioners are taken into account. Also suitable Woyo well as preparation for the learning of the pure yoga.

Woyo streamlines the body, strengthens the abdominal muscles and the pelvis, relieves tension and solves the spinal column. Above all, the exercises are thus even after pregnancies are very good. It is always the joy of movement in a friendly atmosphere in the foreground. At the same time improving the physical fitness and thus more agility to achieve.

And even the doctors have Woyo fitness exercises, which have been developed for several years have been extremely positive. Many doctors who already have Woyo came into contact give their recommendations to children, adolescents and adults of all ages. Therefore, Woyo is now available in several large cities. Sufficient information is available on the internet.

Woyo can absolutely determined to develop healthy trend, because the notoriety of the wave at the moment is developing steadily away!

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