Celebrities with Breast Cancer

Sir Elton John, Ashley Judd actress, Ivanka Trump model, Donna Karan fashion designer and more than 1,000 celebrities and ordinary visitors supported the Fund of breast cancer combating (BCRF), by visiting the “Hot Pink Party” in the grandiose New York hotel Waldorf Astoria.

Due to numerous publications in magazines, newspapers, discussions of the problem on television and radio, many women unaware of breast cancer. However, much of women are not aware of the basic facts about breast cancer: how often and why it arises, what are the early signs and symptoms of breast cancer, what treatments are used and how effective they are.

These or that forms of breast cancer (there are over 30 kinds) can attack half of women (ie, every second woman aged 30 years). Fortunately, the vast majority of them are benign and do not threaten health. Malignant tumors (including breast cancer)happen ten times less, but still are the leading cancer pathology in women older than 40 years.

Need it to say that there are more than 1 million new cases of breast cancer each year in the world.The number of dying from this disease people is approximately half of the total number of cases. It is important to know that breast cancer mortality could be much lower if all countries carried out mass preventive examinations of the population in order to earlier revelation of breast cancer curable forms.

Nevertheless not only ordinary people suffer from his problem but celebrities are also subjected to it.
Australian singer Kylie Minogue was toured Europe, where in 2005 at the age of 36 she had discovered breast cancer. The star postponed her Australian tour to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. After a year and a half Minogue recovered and resumed his career.
Famous American singer Sheryl Crow (Sheryl Crow) detected breast cancer.

36-year-old Christina Applegate is fighting breast cancer, said her spokesman Aidan Van AIM. The case is that she was able to diagnose disease at an early stage, so the life of the actress is not in danger. The disease was detected by magnetic resonance imaging. Now the star of films “Aliens in America” and “Surviving Christmas started treatment.

In 2003 at an early stage breast cancer was diagnosed in American singer Anastacia. To help other women, Anastacia allowed TV reporters to make her photoes during therapy, and gave details about their experiences.

Only in this year the series star “Sex and the City” was able to tell that two years ago after a new X-ray examination there was revealed breast cancer. In 2006 she underwent surgery and a course of radiotherapy.

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