What Causes Heart Disease

Heart disease is a disorder in which the course and the result are directly dependent on doctor’s appeal, as well as due time and correct diagnosis appointment with the subsequent adequate treatment. Today cardiovascular diseases are leading in the lists of basic reasons of death in the economically developed countries.

The cardiovascular system diseases include coronary heart disease (IHD), hypertension, cerebrovascular diseases and other disorders. In most cases coronary heart disease is connected with coronary arteries narrowing, which occurs as a result of atherosclerosis. Coronary atherosclerosis is caused by several factors which include heredity, consumption of saturated fats, high blood pressure, smoking and physical activity. It is also possible to mention unfavorable conditions on the workplace. Cardiac metabolism has a direct effect from stressful working conditions leading to increased risk of myocardial infarction.

Today it is well-known that the development of heart disease is often caused by excessive stress, which may result from heavy physical work and very intensive sports training. Nevertheless as far as doctors are concern the main danger to our heart is lack of movement and physical activity. Today people’ muscles are completely devoid of physical exertion and almost all the time in a rest state.

Nervous system is closely connected with the activity of heart and blood vessels and causes constant stress. The solution of this problem is the use of various violent medicines, in many cases people start to use alcohol or narcotic substances. It is necessary to mention such a serious risk factor as smoking. Smoking causes peripheral vessels narrowing, resulting in extremities blood circulation decrease. The inheritance of heart disease disorders is one more factor. The risk of cardiovascular disease in a child increases in case if one or both of his parents suffered from heart disease. However, specialists express an opinion that in this case heredity factor can not be a decisive standard. Bad habits refusal and healthy lifestyle can be a certain guarantee against the development of heart disease and blood vessels.

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