Durable and Gentle Hair Removal

Everyone knows it, most of them have it: unwanted hair recurring in various parts of the body. Whether facial hair, hair on the neck, back hair often in men, breast or armpit hair, the bikini area or legs in women. Let ingrown hairs, pain through epilator, waxing, plucking or shaving annoying thing of the past and use the most modern method of treatment for permanent hair removal. Thanks to “clean skin” this is no longer a dream.

How does the IPL method work?

Over the years clinically tested method IPL (intense pulsed light) of the latest generation, is supported by an intelligent software. Small, short light pulses with an on their skin and hair coordinated wavelength range 650-950nm, the patient’s skin to office. The hair contained in the pigments (melanin) absorb the light, convert it into energy and guide them directly to the hair root, so the hair is irreversible desolate. Thus, a new hair production permanently excluded. The risky use of lasers is in this gentle method is not necessary, however, the success permanently.

Does it hurt?

Through the integrated cooling of -1 degrees Celsius, treatment is very skin preserving and runs virtually painlessly. Except for a slight tweak the customer remembers.

Who is going to do the treatment?

When clean skin in Europe is training much emphasis, so they take only trained and certified professionals (cosmetology) with laser protection bill. Before treatment, you get a detailed and thorough consultation. In this determines the Clean Skin associate your specific parameters (of skin, hair thickness, localization, etc.) for optimal treatment. Through the advanced IPL device can even people with dark complexion treat.

What does it cost?

To a very personalised quote for you personally to receive, an obligation-free consultation is needed. For every person, every skin, every hair and hair density varies.

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