What Is the Cost of the Jenny Craig Diet?

Specialists in weight loss sphere present to your attention one more recipe for health and beauty. For this time, the status and effectiveness of diet is supported by celebrities as a basketball player Baron Davis, Kirstie Alley, Queen Latifah, and Valerie Bertinelli. She was confirmed that the new Jenny Craig diet is to start taking shape from a particular thought.

If you begin to think correctly, you begin to operate accordingly and develop healthy habits, and this, as far as Jenny is concern, is an evidence of a healthy slim body. This diet-system was proposed more than 25 years ago – already in 1983 there were found many supporters who maintained Mrs. Craig diet – by the way the diet supporters were found from America to the island of Guam and Australia.

First of all let’s mention three main elements of this diet: body, mind, food. The result is evident only in case of obeying these three directions by means of which it is really possible to normalize your weight and gain excellent health. Nevertheless you should definitely determine that an individual approach towards the destruction of kilograms starts from food portions control, healthy nutrition principles, physical activity and finishes with physical activity which will help to reach an ideal shape not just a long time but for the whole life. You will inevitably estimate that there are presupposed individual consultants, which give you necessary advice, support and activate motivation system.

The latest weight loss scheme is called “Jenny TuneUp”, “Jenny OnTrack” and “Jenny Rewards”. “Jenny TuneUp” – the course lasts for 30-60 days and includes one-on-one specifically designed advice and adopted for each client menu, Jenny Craig, special motivate schemes and so on.

All above mentioned courses are available in Jenny Craig centers or can be ordered by phone through the “Jenny Direct Program”. You should order a special meal at home, which costs approximately $ 11-15 a day in the U.S. and slightly higher in other countries. The easiest course of the program costs from $ 6 per week.

Worthwhile saying that Jenny Craig is a low calorie diet, which is based on a balanced diet (60% carbohydrate, 20% fat, 20% protein), corresponding to the principles of the food pyramid. For everyone wishing to participate in the program there are selected individual measures calculated personally for him Then there is determines physical training norm, depending on the weight class and a personal daily schedule.

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