When Was Skin Cancer First Discovered?

The first description of symptoms and even swellings surgical treatment was discovered in the medical literature of ancient Egypt, China, India, the writings of Hippocrates, Galen, Razi, Ibn Sina. Moreover it is known that some cancer patient’s surgical treatment was organized in Europe in 15-18 centuries.

However the cancer scientific discipline emergence is dedicated to the 20 century and is intermediary associated with the development of cancer cases accounting system, and accumulation of statistical data reflecting their spreading, clinical cases, the effectiveness of various treatments.

Skin cancer is one of the most frequent malignant tumors types, which is equally attacks men and women, predominantly aged above 50 years, which is usually observed in open areas of the body. According to statistics date skin cancer frequency makes 5% of the total cancer incidence.

The grounds of skin cancer may be excessive insolation, X-rays, certain chemicals. Nevertheless precancerous diseases are considered to be albinism, long-existing sores, extensive scarring and chronic pre-timorous processes, including Bowen’s disease, Kaposi’s disease and lupus, radiation dermatitis, Kaposi’s disease and others.

Clinically determined skin cancer embodies in occurrence of painless dense one or several mixing pinkish-yellowish knots. The swelling constantly increases and rapidly ulcerate. There are only some skin cancer types which appear and grow very slowly, sometimes existing for many years without any visible changes.

Most frequent skin cancer treatment is achieved by radiotherapy: short-distance roentgen therapy. In the result of 3-4 weeks irradiation, a cancerous tissue dies, and after radiation reaction disappearance there is scarring on the skin. In cases of serious damaging there is applied surgical treatment, or in such forms of cancer, which do not react on radiation therapy.

There is no need in special patient preparation to these operations, it is only important that there were no evidences of radiation reaction. By the way doctors rarely address to chemotherapy for skin cancer treatment, although there are some successful treatment observations of early forms by ointments with cytotoxic drugs.

Preventive skin cancer measure is in ultimate treatment of chronic, precancerous Dyskeratosis, lupus, long-term non-healing ulcers and the elimination of extensive scarring, the same as protective measures for persons with professional dangers.

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