What Are the Reasons of Skin Cancer?

Melanom – is a malignant tumor. Usually it is brown or black color which depends on melanin production. Need it to admit that this disorder is very serious and deserves particular attention and treatment.

More frequent it is developed on white men bodies and on white women legs, however this swelling may appear on any person body and on various parts of skin. People with dark skin have lesser swelling risk development. Skin cancer may attack any person on palms, soles and under nails. Rarely the disorder may appear on not covered skin places, such as in eyes, mouth, vagina and others inside organs.

Like any other malignant tumors, melanoma is subjected to early treatment. Solar radiation, in particular ultraviolet rays, is the main reason of skin cancer. There are some reasons that skin cancer cases are constantly increasing. Almost each person dreams to spend his vocation on warm resorts and climates where they are heavily sunbathing. They believe that sunburn is the evidence of health and attractiveness. Children spend particularly much time under sun. As far as scientists are concern three-quarters of the total dose of excessive solar radiation is received till 20 years.

One more significant reason is the consumption of certain medications which reduce immunity.
People with dark and brown skin have melanoma quite rare for the reason that melanin exists in their skin. Those people, whose skin is getting red and covers with freckles, are subjected to most risk. Children and young people who spend too much time under the sun possess more risk of this disorder receiving.

It is expected that regular solux-lamps and other kinds of solux-heating application increases the risk. Sometimes it is the result of radio-therapy consequences, which is used for other illnesses treatment
Quite rare but possible reason is the influence of some chemical substances while working in particular industrial spheres. In case of frequent use of these substances it is necessary to wear protective clothing. Nevertheless minimal use of these things should not lead to skin cancer.
Among other reasons it is possible to mention hereditary factor.

In case of having the disease you may notice small outgrowth, smooth, granular. Sometimes it may release blood. You May also observe flat red spot in the form of flaky. More often it is painless and growth slowly.

If you have noticed something unusual on your skin not disappearing within a month you should immediately address to a doctor.

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