What is Considered Normal Blood Pressure?

There’s a certain level of blood pressure (BP) that is normal for a particular person but that doesn’t mean that this number is normal for other people. A fixed number which would be typical for everybody doesn’t exist. An average BP level that is supposed to be normal for most people is around 115/75. Although 10 points up or down won’t make much difference and still remain within the margins of normal BP for a healthy adult person.

Let us explain what BP is? Blood flows through the blood vessel walls with a certain force which is blood pressure. The further blood moves from the heart the weaker this force gets that’s why measurements vary in different body points. The brachial blood pressure spot is generally taken into consideration. It is measured at the elbow bend of the arm or above it.

Normal BP is influenced by several factors. One of them is age as the older we become the higher blood pressure gets.  So the elderly are prone to have a higher range than younger adults. It means that the normal range for children is lower than for adult people. The normal level of blood pressure depends on the heart rate. The speed at which the blood is pumped through the circulatory system is affected by the heart rate. People with faster heart rate have higher pressure level than those with slower heart rate.

Blood thickness also affects the normal blood pressure level. People taking aspirin regimen or any medication thinning blood have a lower pressure level. There are medications that open the blood vessels and those that constrict them and in such a way change the blood pressure level. It’s important to know that exercise and a healthy diet are very useful for maintaining normal blood pressure.

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