American Heart Association Diet

Nowadays staying healthy and keeping fit have become of utmost importance for thousands and thousands of people round the globe. Not surprisingly, we are more and more concerned than ever about our lifestyle and health in general. Day by day the number of people dying  of different illnesses, such as heart attacks or food poisoning, is growing and millions suffer from indigestion or diabetes. It would be easier not to waste your salaries on remedies of various kinds, but simply keep to several tips, which will easily guide one to a new, healthy life. The American Heart Association Diet has worked out a program which no doubt is leading to success.

One is not to spend huge sums on expensive health food. Eating the so-called “right food” can easily become an obsession. The only thing a person needs to change is his or her attitude towards food. Moderate portions at scheduled time during a day will help to feel light and healthy.

The American Heart Association has listed a number of products which do not cause any harm to one’s health. Generally the main sign on the product with a white check mark is a red heart. Not be threatened by heart attacks, make sure you know that if you cut down on fat meat and fried potatoes, you still need some products to substitute them. Try to make such product as lean meat or skinless chicken part of your daily meal. Eating fish high in fat, such as tuna and salmon, at least twice a week will help to maintain calcium in your body. Still, don’t forget, our organisms need vitamins. You shouldn’t waste your money on pills, but simply include fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, cabbage, carrot etc. in your list of products. Beans are of utmost importance, they easily replace meat and protect our hearts. Moreover, cut down on milk, cheese and everything connected with dairy production.

Try to limit the average amount of salt and sugar you usually take in, as salt retain water in the body and ruins metabolism of an organism. But don’t exclude salt from your daily meal entirely, as it contains important minerals our body needs. Still, people with chronic heart conditions are to exclude salt completely. Otherwise their lungs may be filled in with water and this way cause a heart attack. Thus, if you stay away from salt intake, your body starts to lose water, don’t forget to supply the needs of the body with liquid.

Of course, you are to look after the number of intake calories, but remember the rule “the more you eat – the more you are to move”. If you follow the rule, it will, no doubt change your life completely.

It’s a common knowledge that too much exercise can be harmful, but at least 30 minutes a day will help you to keep fit and your heart to pump normally. Simply have a walk after a long working day instead of using  public transport, go upstairs on foot instead of using lift and, by the way, go shopping, a wonderful mixture of physical work and pleasure will easily help you to be in a good shape. Still, our heart is also in need of some cardio exercises, don’t deny it’s requests, just do it. This way, your heart will be able to work normally every day and stay untouched by any diseases.

The American Heart Association Diet has worked special guidelines to help people to keep fit and stay healthy. But you shouldn’t forget, that in any diet and health problem the first thing a person is to do – consult a doctor, who will professionally make up a special way for you to follow, a special way to a healthy life.

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