The Whole Truth about Swine Flu and its Symptoms

Swine flu is a respiratory disorder, caused by A type flu, usually swine’s affect.

There are many variations of the virus and it’s constantly changes. It hasn’t transferred to people up-to-date, however its latest form overcame this barrier and may spread from person to person by means of airborne. People, who fell sick with swine flu, are mainly grown-ups, though it is predominantly children and aged people affected illness.

Swine flu symptoms are similar to ordinary flue. (H1N1) virus appears through muscle pain, high temperature, frequently to 38 degrees centigrade, however it sometimes may increase to 41 degree, from time to time changes into cold fit, headaches. Among other things you may experience sore throat, dry, barking cough, breast pain, nose and throat dryness, general tiredness and weakness, organism intoxication, belly-ache. This virus is resistant to antiviral medicaments’ effect, such as amantadine, rimantadine, but vulnerable to oseltamivir, zanamivir.

As far as preventive treatment is concern you should better intimate contact with people who seem ill. Wash your hands with soap carefully. Doctors recommend not worrying too much because it makes negative influence on your organism protective power. To prevent viruses development in organism use medications on the ground of interferone. It makes no harm to your body. Interferone production worsens with kids, old people, pregnant women, people who experienced serious diseases. That is why they are most stringent to infectious diseases. Nevertheless don’t forget to consult a doctor concerning medicines.

In case you feel that you have got a disease, have high temperature, cough and sore throat, you’d better stay at home and do not go to business, school and public places. Send for a doctor, explained the symptoms and follow doctor’s recommendations. Relax and consume great amount of liquid. Let your family and friend know about the illness and try to escape people contact. Cover your mouth and nose with a napkin. Ask anybody to ventilate the room and make wet cleaning some times per day.

As far as doctor Margaret Chen, the head of World Health Organization is concern vaccine against influenza virus (H1N1) will be ready till October. Moreover WHO confirmed that at least in some cases this disease was caused by unknown A (H1N1) type flu.

H1N1 is the same variety which causes constant seasonal flu outbreaks. Nevertheless, this H1N1 variation is different. It contains genetic material which is usually possible to reveal in viruses, affecting people, birds and swine. Flu viruses are able to exchange genetic components. It seems that new H1N1 variation appeared in the result of diverse viruses’ mixture in one animal organism.

Swine is a perfect animal for infection development. There are no evidences that a person may fall sick with swine flu if eat infected animal meat. Notwithstanding, it is essential to prepare food carefully. Virus dies under 70C (158F) temperature.

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